Why Did We Name It 22KILL?

“Kill – to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay.”

If we can take a word that has a common meaning associated with death, and turn it into something that ultimately evokes feelings of positivity, community, and life, then we can do anything.  We can remove the stigma and any negative undertones that accompany the term “veteran”, giving the word it’s honor back without stigma.

One of our objectives is to break negative stereotypes among the veteran community.  We strive to break away from inaccurate judgments from negative labels and connotations.

We took it as personal challenge to show the world that words/labels are just that – words.  Words and labels are empowered by the audience and how they are perceived.  Perception is influenced by the foundation of the one’s previous education and experiences; and this influence causes biased judgement. Whether these judgments are accurate or inaccurate, negative or positive, our argument is that there is always more to the story.

Humans are walking miracles who, contrary to some belief, are all unique in their own way. Regardless of profession, military service, race, social status, or income, every person is an individual and has true greatness within them.  By defining a person by his or her profession or military experiences, we are hindering that person’s ability to flow creatively without fear of judgments laid upon them from societal expectations.

22KILL works with veterans from all military branches, but the foundation of many of our principles, values, and lingo is derived from the Marine Corps.  The founder of 22KILL is a Marine veteran and the genesis behind the creation of 22KILL was from how he found personal success after transitioning off of active duty and into the civilian world.

In the Marines, the term “kill” has multiple meanings.

Marines use it in place of a proper greeting to each other and even higher ranking authorities.

A sergeant may pass a captain and salute him complemented with a, “Kill, sir.”  The officer would then respond, “Kill!”

Marines also use the term as a call of motivation.

While running towards anything from the chow hall to formation, to attacking a hill, Marines may yell out, “Kill!”

The term also can be used in conversation as a form of acknowledgement or confirmation.

One Marine says to the other, “You’re going to want to bypass the H1 highway because there is a wreck….”  And the other Marine would answer while nodding his head, “Kill….kill.”

It can also be used in a form of a question with the proper inflection in the voice.

One Marine may say, “So I broke up with Susie while on leave.”  The other Marine may respond, “Kill?”

It basically means whatever the situation calls for.  Amongst Marines, it’s a term of endearment.

This is the irony in the name 22KILL.  Although the name may be first perceived as aggressive and negative in nature, when learning more about the campaign, it’s mission, and people involved, you find out very fast that there is always more to the story.  22KILL has more depth, veterans have more depth, and all people as individuals have depth.  We strive more every day, and challenge everyone, to look past the superficiality of labels and ask more questions.  Learn about people as individuals and not by labels.


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