Some of my thoughts on this invisible disease.

First and foremost, I am not a doctor, a therapist or in the medical field. I am the daughter of a Korean and Vietnam Veteran that did come home alive. Of course at the time, no one knew what PTSD looked like or felt like. There were things that my did that we just accepted. He did not talk about any of the things he did, until recently. There were little things that as I look back on, were the effects of the war. My dad was a Green Barat, he fought many times and he fought what was sometimes an invisible enemy.

One of the things that I remember is we could not touch him, if he was sleeping. We had to go up  to him and usually just say his name. 9 out of 10 times, he was awake cause he heard us walking. As he got older, this became less of an issue. The way we learned this was my mom made the mistake of touching him to wake him up to come and eat when they first got to the United States. They were at my grandma’s, she had to slap him and pry his hands off her neck, he was trying to choke her.

I have seen lots of men who have come back from fighting in Iraq that are dealing with PTSD. It is horrible to watch someone you love kill themselves from alcohol and drugs. They are so broken inside and do not know how to deal with what they had to do over there. They use to get away from the memories. I wish we had an easier way to help them, a miracle pill would be perfect.

My mom fought in the Korean war, she had no mother (died in child birth) or father (drunk killed by a train), she was taking care of a younger sister and brother. She did what she had to, to survive the war. She was maybe 12, as I look back on our childhood, there were tons of signs of PTSD, but we did not know.  Firecrackers were horrible for her, she would have to go to the basement for the 4th of July. She did not like loud noises, another sign, she had a lot of anger inside that she did not understand and did not know what to do with it.

I want to help any of you that need someone to talk to. Someone to be with you during hard times. Someone to take you to your appointments. Someone to go to the grocery store with. Please contact me, if you need anything!

We all need to help each other!! I do this because God has put this on my heart

Love to you, Sue


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