One-Stop Shop For Information

The WWP Resource Center serves and supports warriors, their caregivers, and families through a multichannel contact center. In addition to responding to specific veterans resource requests, the Resource Center representatives actively reach out to warriors and caregivers to engage them in available programs and services.

How can the WWP Resource Center help you?

The Resource Center is equipped to help warriors, caregivers, and family members identify resources to meet a wide range of needs.

We commonly assist individuals with:

  • registering as an Alumni or family member to participate in WWP programs and services;
  • answering questions about WWP programs and services;
  • connecting with a WWP benefits liaison;
  • identifying appropriate financial assistance options;
  • finding resources to aid in accessibility modifications; and
  • locating resources to provide emotional support.

Information & Referral Services

Linking warriors and caregivers with the appropriate resources entails a cooperative relationship between Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and various organizations within the community.

Organizations seeking to be included in the WWP Information & Referral Services database may complete the Information & Referral Services application.


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