I spent 3 years in the United States Army from 2009 as a Combat Engineer until I was discharged in March of 2013. I deployed to Afghanistan performing route clearance missions from November 2010 to November 2011. My platoon performed 200+ missions while deployed and we saw plenty of combat.

Throughout the year in combat I was exposed to multiple IED explosions, people getting killed and friends dying and get injured during the deployment. I thought I was fine when I returned to my home base after being deployed. Almost a year passed by before the combat trauma took its toll on me. I eventually sought help and was diagnosed with PTSD and later discharged from the Army.

I came to Camp Hope in November 2013 after having difficulty adjusting to civilian life on my own. Since coming to Camp Hope, I have learned a wide variety of coping skills from veteran staff and residents at Camp Hope through discussing combat experiences and challenges. The interactions with other combat veterans and the support group at Camp Hope from all branches of the military have helped me deal with various problems that pop up in everyday life. Living at Camp Hope has giving me the opportunity to get the help I needed to overcome the trauma, offered real support through interaction with other combat veterans and has improved my outlook for building a solid foundation for my family life and future.


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