Me & what I would like to accomplish.

Hi Guys,

I am really new at this blogging.  So, if it looks like I am all over the board….it is cause I am. lol. Our Veterans really need any and all the support they can get. I really want to help as many people as I can. I do not want anything, other than to maybe hear someone say one day, you helped me!! I may not ever get that, that is ok too. The one thing I never want to hear,  is why didn’t you help me?? I will try my very best to fill this blog with information, services where you may be able to get help, and a lot of God, cause without him we will not get anywhere. He is our rock, he will shore us up so we have a strong foundation.

My dad was a Vietnam Vet. He never has talked much about the war and what he did or saw. He was a Green Beret, a paratrooper, he jumped out of plans. A lot of the things he did was a secret, so he could not talk about it. There were only 2 things that I would say that he brought back from the war, was that he had the ability to sleep for 15 minutes and be able to go for 24 hours more and that when he was sleeping we could not touch him. We had to walk up to him and just say dad, when we were younger, he would usually have his eyes open when we got to him, he knew we were coming. If there was anything he brought back he buried it.

God made us all different, it would be really boring if we were all cut out of the square cookie cutter. We all absorb things differently. We all deal with fear, anger or love all differently. It is the way we are wired. Just like with anything we need to figure out what wire helps us deal with out anger. What wire goes where and does what. Sometimes, it may several times to figure out the right connections. As long as we keep trying, we will succeed. There is no giving up, ever!! We will keep trying till we succeed.

I do not want anyone to feel like they are alone in the world with no help. I hope to be able to get you hooked up with someone, maybe a service  or even a exercise program. We have access at our fingertips, sometimes it takes peeling back the layers like an onion, to get to the one we want. YOU are important enough for me to do what I can to get you out of the funk. We need to thank YOU for our freedom and the ability to do what we want here in the USA. We need to thank YOU for the sacrifice YOU made, leaving your family and friends for months. So, this is my way to say THANK YOU for YOU.

Live, Laugh & Love,



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